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Chess Set

Chess Set

Chess is a popular board game across the world that people have been playing for centuries. There are many types of chess sets available in the markets to accommodate the needs of all chess players.

A chess set ranges from a small portable set to a large outdoor set. There are also wooden chess sets, plastic chess sets, glass chess sets, polystone chess sets, marble chess sets, bone chess sets, ivory chess sets, brass chess sets and much more.

Among the inexpensive chess sets, the most attractive ones are the wooden chess sets. These are simple as well as unique in style as well as design. Besides, these can also be made very expensive by adding on customized motifs and designs at the behest of the owner. They are good for the players of all age groups. These chess sets are created out of different types of wood. They have different individual styles and are designed artistically by craftsmen. These chess sets can also be topped with metals to make them look even more majestic. The painted pieces fit well on any of the wooden chess boards. Smaller sized wooden chess pieces are convenient enough to use in high level tournaments. Another advantage that these types of chess sets have is that they can be easily carried around.

For low level tournaments, plastic chess sets are generally used. However, there are expensive chess sets available as well. While many people still play on their inexpensive plastic or wooden sets, many take pride in possessing expensive ones. The range of styles as far as chess sets are concerned depends on the imagination of its designer. There are chess sets that have been modeled on the characters of popular television serials, the Lord of the Rings, etc.

Chess Set


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