Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Learn Chess Tactic - Review Grandmaster Strategy Training Library

Learn Chess Tactic - Review Grandmaster Strategy Training Library

I have an exciting news to share with you today! I have been on the look out for a comprehensive and visual chess training source to help me further improve my skills. Like many other chess enthusiasts, I spend a fair amount of my hard earned money to buy different chess tactics and strategies books. I have learned a fair bit from these books. The only drawback I found with them was they are not visual. Sometimes, I had to read over the texts many times to try and understand what they mean.

Guess what? I recently stumbled across what I would describe as the mother of all chess training material - "The Grandmaster Strategy Video Training Library". It comes with 11 VIDEOS and 14 Ebooks (hours of video footage and over 2000 pages of Winning Chess Strategies!)

As soon as I bought it, I watched the videos straight away. Man, I can't really tell you how many strategies and tactics I picked up from them in a short time. The best thing about the training is, there are very easy to follow cos I could see every move clearly on the video. I thought the author could charge a lot more than $37.95 for his comprehensive training. Lucky for us!!

I can't wait to try out the strategies which I have learnt to beat my opponent....

I have put a link for you here, just click "The Grandmaster Strategy Video Training Library"

To Your Chess Success!!



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